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Tripoli looks likely to fall

I’m currently in Benghazi. The city is rejoicing at the impending fall of Tripoli, but of course as a journalist I’m kind of on the wrong side the country from where I ought to be. I’m trying not to be … Continue reading

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Mubarak’s trial — so much for transparency

My blurb in the Economist on the decision to bar the cameras from Mubarak’s trial: I don’t know what the judge’s rationale was, but it’s a pity. People everywhere really need to have an idea of what a criminal … Continue reading

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Parliamentary candidates come out to play

Monday’s field trip was to Manshiet Nasser, an ashwaeya (poor residential neighborhood) bordering the northern cemetery, between the autostrade and the Muqattam. Nothing too dramatic happened, but I thought I’d write down my notes, because I saw an unusual number … Continue reading

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Don ‘t expect too much clarity from Mubarak’s trial

I’ve written a piece providing some background on Mubarak’s trial for Foreign Affairs, and another piece for the Economist on the impact of the trial. One other article in Foreign Policy which I strongly recommend deals with the format of … Continue reading

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