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No One Owns Tahrir

I’ve posted a piece on Arabist on my impressions of the Tahrir demo — a big and aggressive, but in some ways understandable, show of Salafi strength. A lot of the left- or liberal-leaning youth groups feel that, as … Continue reading

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The Friday of Pragmatic Fudging to Reach Consensus

Actually, the official name of tomorrow’s demo in Tahrir is the Friday of People’s Will and United Front. Linguistically awkwardness aside, I’m glad that the Islamists and non-Islamists have managed to combine the two competitive demosĀ  that were going to … Continue reading

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Optimism about the Egyptian revolution

Rami Khouri sings the praises of Egypt’s transitional period. It’s not the most clearly-written piece, but it does make an oft-missed point: there’s a real give-and-take to Egyptian politics today that bodes well for a future in which political forces … Continue reading

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Back in Egypt

I’m now back in Egypt, hopefully for some time, so I’ll try to post more. Here’s a link to a post on about a trip I made to the south: No silawa sightings, but I did however get … Continue reading

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