UNSC Ex Machina

The no-fly zone just passed. Al-Jazeera English is showing the crowds in the corniche in front of Benghazi’s courthouse going wild. They’re firing off the big anti-aircraft gun, too, which maybe isn’t the most appropriate way to celebrate a resolution meant to protect civilians, but whatever. Two days ago I was sitting watching people swing between elation and despair. Despair because it looked like no one was going to intervene, elation because the rebels kept reporting these unlikely battlefield successes — a daring ambush, a suicide plane attack on Qaddafi’s headquarters, etc. Some of these reports may have been based on real events, but none of them were tide-turning. No matter: people were clutching at straws, and shouted Allahu Akbar when there was even a little bit of good news. Now, this resolution is real, this will probably turn the tide or at least save the eastern cities, and they must just feel an incredible sense of deliverance.

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