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Libya links, Mar27

Juan Cole puts together a very good case for intervention My thoughts on the intervention, posted on Advertisements

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UNSC Ex Machina

The no-fly zone just passed. Al-Jazeera English is showing the crowds in the corniche in front of Benghazi’s courthouse going wild. They’re firing off the big anti-aircraft gun, too, which maybe isn’t the most appropriate way to celebrate a resolution … Continue reading

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On the likely imposition of a no-fly zone

As you can read a few posts zone, I was pretty skeptical about the advisability of a no-fly zone two weeks ago. No longer. Partially, this is the result of a very brief trip to Benghazi — it’s extremely hard … Continue reading

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Egypt: Mixed signals from the military

There have been quite a few dramatic events in Egypt recently, in particular the storming of Amn al-Dawla (State Security) headquarters and the posting of documents on the web. The military has removed a Mubarak-appointed prime minister Ahmed Shafik, and Interior … Continue reading

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Libya: More on no-flight zones

With the military situation in Libya possibly drifting towards a stalemate, there seem to be increasing numbers of calls for the imposition of a no-flight zone — particularly as now Libyan rebels themselves are calling for outside help. General James … Continue reading

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Libya Mar 2 – Battle at Brega

Qaddafi forces attacked the oil terminal and small town of Brega/Marsa al-Burayqah and briefly captured it. Militias from nearby Ajdabiya assembled and recaptured the port, surrounding and then defeating 200 Qaddafi loyalists who had barricaded themselves in a university. An … Continue reading

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Libya – Mar 1

Qaddafi’s forces struck out in all directions from Tripoli in the last 24 hours, and in one case had success — they captured the small hill town of Gharyan in what AP described as a “surprise attack.” (AP also says … Continue reading

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