Libya Feb23

I’ve made my own attempt at a Google map, focusing on control over towns. Link is here. This is a work in progress, and I will update regularly.

I also highly recommend Arasmus’ map here, tracking of violence against Libyan civilians and other significant incidents.

Probably the most significant news now is the apparent fall of Misrata to protesters. It’s a large city in the west, within relatively easy reach of Qaddafi’s loyalist troop concentrations in Tripoli. If Misrata fell because an army unit went over to the protesters, then this could be a significant step towards Qaddafi’s downfall. If it fell because the troops withdrew, perhaps to crush the uprising in Sabrata to the west or elsewhere, but are going back, then this could be a prelude to further humanitarian disasters.

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One Response to Libya Feb23

  1. Estella says:

    Thank you for the excellent work and information you have provided. My understanding is improved all the more for the attention to detail and the humanitarian aspects.

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