Thawra thawra hatt al-nasr, thawra fi tunis wa baadein fi and they really did it…

He’s gone. I think we can now officially call it, “The Egyptian Revolution.” A democratic, constitutionalist, dignified, heroic, hate-free, mostly-nonviolent-except-in-self-defense, mass-participation revolution, no less. Obviously all kinds of things can happen in the next few months and years, but this is an amazing achievement.

One of the most amazing things to reflect upon, for me at least — all those years spent by Egyptian democratic activists battering their heads up against what seemed to be a brick wall, protesting in squares where there were more riot police than protesters, running doomed races for parliament, filing legal briefs against the Interior Ministry to gain a ruling that would simply be ignored, publicizing cases torture, it turns out it wasn’t in vain.

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