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Feb 27: A provisional government in Benghazi

Here are some early thoughts on the reported formation of a provisional government. I might try to flesh these out for a longer piece in With Qaddafi threatening to “turn Libya red with fire”, the world is understandably concerned … Continue reading

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Feb 25: Demonstrations in Tripoli, airbase possibly overrun

Demonstrators in Tripoli showing extraordinary bravery today. Some of the reports suggest that protesters are able to assemble in the eastern suburb of Tajoura, indicating that Qaddafi no longer has the manpower to really dominate his own capital. Some marchers … Continue reading

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Libya, Feb 24

Reporting today centered on Zawiya, a town of maybe 150,000 people which is about 20km from Tripoli’s westernmost suburbs, maybe 40km from the center. Qaddafi dispatched a column of gunmen to shoot up protesters gathered at the town’s mosque, and then phoned … Continue reading

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If the tide turns: some pros and cons of international intervention in Libya

In the last few days there have been a number of calls for international intervention to try to stem the atrocities that the Qaddafi regime is carrying out against Libyan civilians, including military measures such as the imposition of a no-fly … Continue reading

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Libya Feb23

I’ve made my own attempt at a Google map, focusing on control over towns. Link is here. This is a work in progress, and I will update regularly. I also highly recommend Arasmus’ map here, tracking of violence against Libyan … Continue reading

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Libya – Feb 21/22

  Note: Some early thoughts on the creation of a provisional government in Benghazi can be found here. This particular post has been somewhat overtaken by events. An excellent crowd-sourced map on Google on the uprising in Libya has been created by one Arasmus, here. It’s … Continue reading

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Recent posts for the Arabist

Feb 13: On comparisons between 2011 and 1952 Feb 7: On fears about the Brothers, and comparisons between 2011 and 1979 Feb 4: On Mubarak’s stategy for counter-revolution

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