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Anarchy in the ARE: a point missed in the policy talk

Reading up what has been written on US policy options, most of the focus seems to be on how current American posture might affect our credibilty and relationships with Egyptian governments, either the Mubarak regime or whatever replaces it. An AP … Continue reading

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Causes of the 2011 uprising

Stuck in Frankfurt airport, waiting for a flight tomorrow, so I’ll write down my own thoughts on why this happened now. Some of these may be rather obvious. In order of importance, they are.. 1) The demonstration effect of Tunisia. … Continue reading

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My personal thoughts on the uprising

Obviously I can’t claim to be entirely neutral about these events. I’ve been looking forward to a major popular uprising ever since I first went to Egypt in 1990. My experience in Iraq has made me a little more appreciate … Continue reading

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Omar Suleiman appointment

My flight to Egypt leaves in a few hours. A few thoughts on the latest news. I’d guess that the rationale of appointing Suleiman as VP is to clear the way for the army to start blocking demos and enforcing … Continue reading

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Ahlan, ya dunya

Cheers to any who have come this far. I’m starting this blog in preparation for a trip to Egypt, which at time of posting is undergoing a major political crisis. Assuming I get in and am able to upload, thoughts … Continue reading

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